Business Valuation the Right Way

On the surface, conducting a business valuation seems simple. Look at gross sales or profits and make a few quick calculations.

Beneath the surface however, are many considerations that significantly influence that valuation and can only be determined by thorough research and analysis.

  • Nature of the business and its history
  • Economic outlook
  • Financial condition of the business
  • Earning capacity
  • Dividend paying capacity
  • Prior stock transactions
  • Existence of intangible value
  • Sale of stock involving similar businesses
The determination of an opinion of value for a privately held enterprise is more than a mathematical exercise.  William E. Howell, LLC brings the perspective of a business person plus a high-level of financial expertise to each project.

Why Select William E. Howell, LLC?
  • The professionals at William E. Howell, LLC have valued more than 650 businesses and are able to apply that experience to your situation.
  • Bill’s background includes Big Four CPA firm experience and performance in senior management roles with two closely held companies in Chief Executive Officer (non-family manager in a family business) and Chief Financial Officer positions.  As a result, he brings a real world perspective to his engagements that results in insights which add to the credibility of his findings.  
  • ​Additionally, professional team members have backgrounds with significant organizations that enable them to bring unique business perspectives in addition to their strong accounting and finance backgrounds.
  • William E. Howell, LLC team members have over 65 years of combined experience working with businesses in such diverse fields as manufacturing, distribution, technology, transportation, warehousing, real estate, banking, energy, insurance, agriculture, telecommunications, education and professional services.
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